1. downloading the new NGHFB album. it has leaked
  2. it's shit thank God for SOE
  3. First listen.
    First thing that came to mind is whoever mixed Noels vocals....can barely hear him on some of the songs.
    Not sure what i make of it. :/
  4. I can't stand Oasis but is Noel good Solo?
  5. His first two solo albums are very good. Third one not sure yet Some good tracks on there but not sure if it holds together

  6. I really like them both. But yes, Liam's album is more of the (nice sounding, if predictable, and at times a tad simple minded) same. Noel is having (more) fun, experimenting a bit (even if this only means going back to the 70's). He's a fabulous songwriter, and it shows. The first two solo albums had more cool hits. But this one is different; to me, it sounds really good so far. Dead in the water live in the studio is amazing.

    In defence of Liam, I'll say that the first two NGHFB albums completely dwarfed the two Beady Eye records. But not so now: As You Were rocks, and (to me) makes for a really nice companion record to Noel's new album.

    With SOE coming, my oldest son beginning to use the potty, and my youngest now walking and finally learning to fall asleep by himself, Autumn 2017 is shaping up to be a really nice time (setting aside the fact that the whole world is completely going to shit for a tiny little moment).
  7. humanity must have reached a high level of damnation if God decided to sent us that plague.
    and we have to thank Him moreover